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Tori Praver Swimsuit Pics

Tori Praver is one of the favorites of Sports Illustrated magazine fans. She has posed in a variety of different locations and has had her hand in many photo shoot opportunities. She likes to be in active settings and can be found in a variety of nature locations such as rocks and water settings. She likes to wear amazing bikinis which are very fitting for her body shape and form. Tori is experienced in having professional poses taken of her in these intriguing positions for her viewing audience. She is a very active model and does whatever it takes to get a great shot.

Her water scenes are often very enjoyable because she is active in the water. She allows the water to run through her hair and her clothes (as little as she is wearing in the shot) get completely moist during the process. Her shots are seductive but still provide a conservative approach which does not allow too much exposure. This is a classy and sophisticated trait which is not easily found in most models. Her amazing shoots end with several great photos which certainly capture the audience very well.

Exploring her surroundings is not very difficult for someone as well built as Tori. She gets right into the scene and makes a statement with her body. She can certainly make use of whatever her photographer has in store for her and she gets the shots which make the male fans of her following very enticed. Many women strive to be like her because she has a major influence on what men like in women. The selections of clothing that she goes through for her shoots are often very fitting to the location where she is shooting.

Tori Praver Bikini Pics

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Tori Praver in Commercials

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Tori Praver is a famous swimsuit and glamor model and there is no wonder why! With a gorgeous and slender figure combined with a fresh and beautiful face, Tori has been featured in a lot of magazines, calendars, photo shoots and so on. The commercials in which the model has been featured cover a great variety of domains and themes and present this beautiful woman in several ways.


Here are some of the most successful commercials with Tori Praver:

  • Miami Collection – in this commercial the accent is placed on the beauty of Tori’s face and the way in which she looks with a summer glow make-up:

  • Tally Weijl – in the commercial, Tori is a stylishly dressed lifeguard looking out to save sexy men in danger:

  • True Religion – Tori is seen next to Gabriel Aubrey in this denim dream:

  • Arby’s – probably one of the funniest commercials with the model, in which she is the typical beautiful woman:

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What You Did Not Know About Tori Praver

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Tori Praver is a famous American model that was born June 4, 1986 in San Diego, California. Tori was discovered when she was 13 on the Hawaiian island of Maui at a supermarket by a photographer.

Tori Praver appeared on the covers of many famous magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan and many others. Additionally, she was the subject of Joanne Gair body painting works and made Sports Illustrated shoots.

She is also a Venice-based swimwear designer and travelled all around the world during her modelling career, but all this time, she never gave up of starting her own fashion label.


As she raised in Maui, a wonderful place with many beautiful beaches, this inspired her to launch Tori Praver Swimwear, which is a wonderful line of monokinis, bikinis, one-pieces and cover-ups that are very beautiful, but also comfortable.

Even though Tori Praver is a celebrity, there are some things that people don’t know about her:

  • She prefers the Detox 4 juice from Pressed Juicery that contains coconut, cucumber, aloe vera and pineapple. When asked in an interview which would be her last meal on earth, she answered that she would like cheese and truffle mac.
  • The last book she read is entitled Fifth Shades of Grey.
  • Her favourite holiday would be between Halloween and Christmas.
  • Her hidden talent is tap dancing and her favourite film is My Girl starring Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin, as well as Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. 
  • The happiest day of her life was when she got engaged and after a few months she found out that she was expecting a baby.




  • If she would have to choose between Paris and London, Tori would choose Paris because “From the food to the architecture to the people, everything is just so perfect there. I can spend days and weeks there by myself just walking around and discovering new things. I’ve been there over ten times, so I have my favorite little spots to eat and shot there, too.”
  • Tori dreams to open her own little coffee shop and bakery, so she would like to be a baker. She believes that she will do that someday because she likes to explore little cupcakes shops, bakeries and get new and amazing ideas.


Tori Praver is a beautiful, talented and amazing woman that has her own dreams and hobbies who has worked with some of the most popular photographers in the world.

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Tori Praver – Model Turned Swimwear Designer

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Tori Praver is a beautiful American model, renowned for her numerous appearances in the magazine Sports Illustrated. She was born on June 4, 1986, in San Diego, California. When she was only 12 years old, she was discovered while shopping with her mother at a local grocery store in Maui. She then went on working as a model, but later confessed that she did not like it. She was only 13 at the time, so she wanted to do normal teenage stuff, such as playing soccer or hanging out with her friends.


This is why she took some time off from modeling and re-entered the spotlight when she was 18 years old. Her appearances in numerous Sports Illustrated issues soon brought her international fame. The blonde bombshell has the face, the body, and a portfolio packed with ad campaigns and swimwear shootings. As she grew up in Hawaii, the model stated that she was always on the beach, so she was always wearing a swimsuit.

Considering her long-time collaboration with Sports Illustrated, no wonder that she was inspired to create her own swimwear line, which bears her name. Her lifelong love of the beach style provided her with an interesting insight on the swimwear industry, so her collections are suited for women of all ages. Tori Praver stated: “I love swimwear and what women are looking for in a bikini. My line was designed with the intention of making women feel comfortable and confident while being sexy“. (Source)


And she surely managed to accomplish that, given the fact that her collections doubled in sales every year since 2010, when the Tori Praver Swimwear line was launched. Her line is inspired by surfing and by active women, but the pieces are also complemented by sophisticated details inspired by talented designers that Tori worked with during her modeling career. Since she travels a lot, she also draws inspiration from the numerous places that she visits.


Besides swimsuits, Tori’s collection also includes bottoms and cover-ups. All the pieces are made of eco-friendly fabrics, such as sheer cotton. The line is now sold at renowned retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys, which definitely says a lot about the quality of the swimwear pieces. According to Tori, the swimsuits are very sophisticated, so the best places for women to wear them are elegant locations such as France or Miami. 

Here is a video presentation of the 2012 Swimwear collection of Tori Praver, model turned fashion designer. It is called the “Sunset Collection”.

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Things To Know About Tori Praver Modeling Career

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Tori Praver is a famous American model, who has actually become quite a popular star, thanks to her amazing beauty, but also her commitment to make it big in the demanding modeling world. Even though being a model may seem the easiest job in the world, people usually ignore the many sacrifices that these girls have to make for their careers. Always being careful at what and how much you eat is without a doubt the simplest aspect that should be mentioned in this context. Every little body change counts, as models have to be in an amazing shape at all time, all with the purpose to get work contracts. A perfect body shape can lead to amazing job opportunities and Tori model knows that best. Tori Praver has always proved to be a great bikini model, her appearances in Sports Illustrated proving that the star has an amazing body.

Tori Praver became really famous for her appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues between 2007 and 2009, the model managing to impress with her great shape. Tori Praver was born on June 4, 1986, in San Diego, California. She was discovered at the early age of 13 by a photographer. It surely looks like her natural beauty has made Tori Praver a worldwide known and appreciated model. Since that moment, the star received numerous contracts with a wide range of famous magazines. Tori posed for Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Cover magazines, actually being featured on the front pages many times. She also worked for Guess?, Yamamay and Tally Weijl, too.

Still, the star’s photos in Sports Illustrated are nowadays regarded to as some of the most successful projects in the star’s career. Even though Tori model became much known for her modeling career, it is important to know that only few girls are able to make it big when taking about swimsuit presentation. Bikini models need to be sensual and sophisticated and they surely need to look great. Only on a perfect body, swimsuits can look amazing, so there is no wonder after all that few girls manage to become well known as bikini models. Tori Praver surely is one of them, actually being one of the most sophisticated, elegant and beautiful models in the world. Unlike other famous models, Tori has also been able to stay away of scandals and only remain focused on her career.

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Recent News on Tori Model and Her Activities

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Tori model has taken the modelling world by storm since she became the sultry new face of Guess in 2006. This 5’11” blue eyed, blond goddess further solidified her reputation with a jaw dropping pictorial in the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She teased everybody even more with a spread in the 2008 SI Swimsuit Issue as well as a spread in 2009. Any girl who appears in the SI Swimsuit Issue three times deserves loads of sexiness points. Pair that with magazine covers and huge brands begging for you to represent them, and you have got yourself one hot model.

Tori Praver’s work as a model for famous brands like Guess prove her stay ability in this tough business. It does not hurt that she has been an SI Swimsuit Issue three times and appeared on the coveted covers of Cosmo and Glamorous. Many people may not know this, but Tori Praver never wanted to be a mode. Growing up, this sun bleached beach bum had bigger plans in store. She wanted to be a whale trainer at Sea World. Luckily for men around the world, Tori Praver’s career ambitions changed dramatically at the age of 11 when she was discovered walking through Costco with her mom. That chance encounter lead to a series of small modelling assignments that led to Tori Praver signing with Ford Models, the same prestigious agency that has represented Naomi Campbell, Christie Brinkley and Paris Hilton.

Ever since she has joined Ford, Tori Praver’s smiling face has graced the covers of Cosmopolitan and Glamour, and she beat out thousands of other models to become the new face of Guess. That coveted position has previously been held by A-list celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Drew Barrymore and Paris Hilton.

In 2007, Tori Praver increased her exposure thanks to her sizzling debut appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her Memphis based pictorial afforded her the unique opportunity of posing the inner sanctum of Graceland as well as in Elvis’ old high school. More recently, the body of Tori Praver was used as a guide to come up with a racing track model. It was time for the Tori 500, two drivers, two laps. And to the winner, a victory lap with the inspiration for the track, Tori herself. Tori model is one of the trendiest models and she will certainly be more successful than she is now.

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Tori Model Inspires A Race Track

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Tori model is one of the most well know women in the world of modeling for swim wear and for male magazines. Due to her many apparitions, Tori model managed to make a career for herself and to have a very famous reputation in the world created by Sports Illustrated for example. In the latest news, Tori model is featured as becoming so important and well known that Lexus decided to make a track that would mimic the shape of her body. Naturally, the young beauty looks spectacular and has the perfect frame for a swimsuit model, but the race track design after her body is something new and unique.

The buzz created around the Lexus track design, called Tori 500, was greater than ever upon the apparition of the commercials showcasing it. Through these, all people could see the fact that Tori model is even more important for this domain than anyone could have ever imagined and that her amazing career developments are just starting to become more and more fascinating and surprising. The body of Tori model has been photographed in various instances and in the smallest and largest details, so that the track designers can mimic the shapes of the gorgeous Tori model. The result is a sensual promotional campaign and a race track that is bound to make history in the domain and in the minds of men around the world.

Tori model is one of the most beautiful women in her domain of activity. Due to her numerous pictorials and covers, she has been remarked by the media and by the majors of the sports industries. Tori model has been and is the face of a variety of products. Now she can add to her resume the amazing opportunity with which the people at Lexus have honored her. Being a good looking woman managed to bring Tori model a lot of recognitions and respects from the majors of the modeling industry. Her influence has extended to more and more domains and has managed to win the appreciation of industry majors in automobiles such as Lexus.

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The Successful Tori Model Swimsuit Line

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Tori Praver is one of the most beautiful American models, who managed to break through at the age of 13. Her spectacular beauty was hardly something to ignore. Tori Praver was born in San Diego, California and she is best known for her appearances in the 2007-2009 issues of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Tori model had the perfect looks to be noticed by some of the most important magazines and managed to have many shoots for the magazine. Her appearing on the cover of so many magazines, gave Tori model the idea of coming up with her own line of swimwear.

The Hawaiian-born model and avid surfer Tori Praver turned her considerable expertise to design with the launch of her first swimwear collection in 2009. The Tori Model swimsuit collection uses exotic prints and vivid colour to create feminine mix and match bikinis designed to make women feel comfortable and confident at the beach. The swimwear pieces that Tori model launched are diverse and benefit from a high degree of popularity. Tori model conceived this line of swimsuits suitable for each woman. You can find the beautiful models of Tori model at her online store. Aside from the sexy swimsuits, Tori model also launched a line of beach accessories. Everything you need is right there on the website.

Tori knows just want women want in order to feel comfortable and confident. She has channelled her expertise into an alluring and functional line of separates, monokinis and cover-ups that have women strutting down the beach and launching into the waves. The collection of Tori model has been featured in top publications including Sports Illustrated, Elle, Vogue and has been spotted on the famous beach bodies such as Jessica Alba, Megan Fox or LeAnn Rimes.

So far, so good, Tori model is very pleased with what she accomplished so far. The Tori model swimsuit line is still successful, so she can tend to other businesses now. Aside from modelling, Tori also enjoys other activities such as swimming, travelling, surfing and discovering new cultures. She is most happy when she is surrounded by her family and friends, be in LA or in Maui.

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Tori Model Swimwear

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Tori model, also known as Tori Praver, is a renown American model. She entered the limelight when she was only 13 years old, as her spectacular beauty was hard to be ignored. Soon after, Tori model started collaborating with famous brands such as Guess, Tally Weiji, Yamamay, and Liu-Jo. Next came the numerous cover features. Cosmopolitan, Cover, and Glamour are only some of the magazines that featured Tori model on their cover. However, her big break came when she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. It was at that moment when Tori model started to gain international fame.

Tori model had the body and the face to make every man dream about her and to make every woman jealous. The people from Sports Illustrated caught that and so Tori model made numerous shoots for the magazine. The fact that she appeared in so many swimsuit issues gave Tori model the idea of launching her own swimwear collection. The swimwear pieces featured in the Tori model swimwear collection are definitely gorgeous. The collections are very diverse and they have reached a great popularity, since any woman can find something that fits her in them. Not only are the swimwear pieces beautiful and vividly colored, but also very comfortable. Besides swimsuits, the Tori model swimwear line also sells beach accessories. When browsing though her line, you will find everything that you need for a wonderful day at the beach.

Tori model is very pleased with her accomplishment. She even stated that being a model for so long helped her see things in a different perspective. The fact that Tori model wore numerous swimsuits for her Sports Illustrated shoots also helped her a lot. Due to the swimwear line, Tori model was finally able to express her creativity and to show the whole world that she is more than just a pretty face. Her collections did not go unnoticed by the press and fashion editors either, since Tori model had her swimwear line featured in magazines such as More, Sports Illustrated, W, Vogue, Marie Claire, Self, C, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, People, and many others.

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Tori Model – A Concept Around Tori Praver

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Tori Praver is a very famous American model. Although her career is just in the beginning stage, she has already managed to start a trend called the Tori model. Fame and fortune has come over Tori model and the concept developed as she became one of the hottest appearances on the cover of Sport Illustrated. The importance of this occurrence came from creating the idea of the Tori model, as the perfect swimsuit girl. Tori Praver is a gorgeous woman, with a beautiful face and an amazing body, which are extremely appealing for most men and envied by all women. The Tori model is an idea that she most definitely deserves, as she has had a major influence so far on the concept of swimsuit models and cover girls.

Tori model covers have been featured in Sports Illustrated in 2007, in 2008 and in 2009. These covers have gained a great reputation for Tori Praver and numerous endorsement deals from all sorts of companies, that wanted the fresh faced, sexy model to be their image. The success of the Tori model idea has mostly been tailored after Tori Praver signed with the Ford Models Agency. They placed her in all the right places and managed to start off a career that still has a lot more to show. One of the best things that came out of this contract was the fact that the Tori model became a general trend. She transcended from male magazines to women magazines, becoming the image that all women wanted to take to as a figure goal. Tori Praver was featured on the covers of Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines. She also became the new face of Guess?, a very coveted title, desired by many models. 

The Tori model is a concept created around Tori Praver. The young model has started a very promising career and she is obviously going to take over even more domains of the modeling industry. Going from swimsuit issues, to women magazines and to endorsement deals has been a very fast start up for Tori Praver, making her known all over the world.

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Tori Pravel, the Model

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Tori Pravel is a famous American model that began her career at the age of thirteen. Ever since, she has had many successes and she drew the attention of many modelling agencies, which she eventually started to collaborate with. Tori model is best known for her appearances in the 2007-2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Tori model has worked for famous companies, such as Guess, Yamamay, Tally Weijil and Liu-Jo. She has also made it on the cover of famous magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Cover. Tori model also made numerous Sports Illustrated photo shoots and was the object of Joanne Gair body painting works in the 2007 and 2008 editions of the magazine. This just proves that she has the mental and physical toughness to be a survivor in the model industry.

Tori model has started a new trend in the United States. Tori model body is just perfect for presenting swimsuits and for being photographed. She knows how to look sexy and attractive. Tori model knows exactly the model of swimsuit she should wear that fits her body. That is why she has been the main attraction for so many swimsuit presentations. On the Internet, you can find many galleries, with a lot of instances of her being charming, childish, sexy and attractive. Tori model galleries are just amazing, not only because of the model, but also due to the breathtaking scenery the pictorial is taken at.

The beauty of Tori model is natural and is emphasized by the surroundings of the photo shoot. Tori model skills have made her the professional model she is today and she still continues on this successful path that makes her so popular. She keeps on appearing on the cover of different magazines, presents the swimsuit collections of big fashion icons. People are charmed by Tori model and by her swimwear collection. The Tori model swimwear pieces look good on anyone, even though you do not have her perfect body and figure.

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